martedì 6 marzo 2012

How To Evoke A Fairy

A small ritual that will help you to interaggire with fairy world, they are found on the internet a lot, but this seemed the most sensible but this does not mean that we should not take lightly the whole they are free beings we must be cautious and gentle in the presence of a creature of the Fairy Kingdom.

If in the course of the rite does not feel able to handle all the power is better to close it. In the event that you accidentally contact a benevolent or mischievous entities not properly should immediately conclude the visit and this can be done using good manners, but if you need to without being too polite.

Follow these 12 steps to the letter to ensure the success of the invocation:

1) Concentrate on the darkness that is created automatically closing his eyes.
2) You will see in the dark, slowly appear as a green sphere (this is the light of the Fairy Kingdom)

3) Wrap yourself up from this magic ball, and abandoned to the beauty and magic that you send.

4) Enjoy this magic for a few minutes
5) Let the power of the fairies will regenerate, purify you and give you what you need, let the magic of fairies "work" in you.
6) Wrapped in the mist full of green magic, invoking the fairy, do not ask for a visit (never give orders to a fairy!) Invite her politely and with courtesy.
7) Accept your visitor always with courtesy. Ask your name and if you do not receive answer, you end the tour (at the bottom when you meet a person in everyday life and this does not tell you his name when I ask you why you hiding something, right? )
8) Never make promises you do with the series, they take too seriously the promises, they also have a completely different concept of what is right or wrong, good or bad for man.
9) Ask them clearly and in detail what you need
10) Thank you for visiting and for any help received. Do not forget to tell the fairy who let out of the window or the door a gift for her during the night (one of the most popular gifts are: milk, honey, sweets, a precious stone). At this point, the fairy will decide whether to become your friend and above all to decide whether it will be for a short, a long period of time or even for life. You can use this ritual to meet as often as you like.

11) If during the ritual you been asleep, leaving it a gift for the fairy because anything could have happened at an unconscious level.
12) At the end of the rite remember to get in touch with reality because you may be in altered states of consciousness. Spend a little time to get in touch with your body and if you need some exercise. Do this step even if you feel super alarm clock / or at the end of the rite.

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